Finland’s Värttinä enter 2006 with the release of their tenth studio album, Miero, in January on Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records.

The focus of Miero (“Outcast”) is voices. Värttinä singers Mari Kaasinen, Susan Aho and Johanna Virtanen collaborated with producer Aija Puurtinen, one of Finland’s most respected female singers and well-known vocal adventurer, to create the most vocally exciting album in the band’s twenty-three year history. Never before have the Värttinä vocals sounded so crisp and powerful, the harmonies so clear, the solos so pure.

Miero also features some of the darkest, most sinister themes yet from Värttinä ‘s lyricists. Yet there are also tender songs of love and silence. As with every other Värttinä album, melody is still the dominant feature. The group’s compositional skills are as refined and potent as any time in their career as songwriters. Miero is a song journey from start to finish.

The release of Miero coincides with Värttinä’s main stage appearance at the Midem convention in Cannes on January 22 and with the North American premiere in Toronto of the stage production of Lord of the Rings featuring music co-composed by Värttinä with Indian composer A R Rahman and music supervisor Chris Nightingale. The first night of LOTR previews is February 2 at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto with the Opening Gala set for March 23. The Music of Lord of the Rings album will be recorded in summer 2006. The London West End premiere will take place in early 2007. Producer: Kevin Wallace.

Miero release date: January 30, 2006
Catalogue number: CDRWX135
ICPN: 00946 346084 2 8