Totó, Phil Ramone & Peter

In 1991 Totó La Momposina began recording her seminal album La Candela Viva at Real World Studios with the legendary producer Phil Ramone at the controls, capturing Totó as she performed live.

Peter makes a very brief appearance in this video discussing the recording with Phil Ramone. It also contains a more expansive interview with Phil and some previously unseen footage from the recording session in 1991.

In 2015 Totó returned to Real World for the release of her album Tambolero an album that re-imagines the original La Candela Viva album and she shares her thoughts on visiting the studio again after such a long time.

Related story: Read Richard Blair’s memories of recording Peter’s US album. Richard was an engineer at Real World Studios when this recording with Totó took place and witnessing this live performance led to his enduring love affair with Colombia and the formation of his own group Sidestepper.