Tina’s update

Visitors to the Fan Attic will be relieved to find that Tina’s update is at last in place (apologies from The Web Team) , bringing with it many answers, more questions and the chance to win a host of Big Blue BAll related items.

Tina’s Update

We are deep into the unexplored centre of DVD land here, but we’ve taken a moment to post Tina‘s update and competition.

Work is also progressing on the new Forum system – it should be back with us soon, faster, shinier, and integrating the latest in alien technology.

Tina’s Update

It seems our own ‘Tina’ was perched atop the Duomo in Milan watching the events below. Our well informed traveler reveals all in her update.

Does she have inside information? Anyone who found the hidden page of information for those curios as to just what Super Audio CD is, proably did. The inside information is that you can find it by following the links below.