TheFilter – music software gets an upgrade and Mac Alpha.

TheFilter must be hot when celebrity gossip email – POPBITCH – say “Download The Filter – The Ultimate iTunes Playlist Maker:” in their ‘Things thant make you go hmmm’ colum this week.

The Filter, an application that works with your iTunes music collection to create playlists quickly and simply has been in constant development since we first mentioned Peter’s interest in it last year. Along with playlist creation TheFilter is getting better at recomending new music based on your listening tastes.

There’s an upgrade for all Win XP users which has improved performance plus added features including artist biographies and album review information. For those of you with Mac OS 10.4 there’s also now a chance to test out The Filter experience with an Alpha release of the software. TheFilter are welcoming new testers to join the trial and help mould the future Mac application.

The Filter have also created a version of the software for Mobile phones (Currently available for several Nokia phones in the N and E series with more models being announced very soon.)