A little information on the forthcoming dates has found it’s way to us.

Speaking of the new dates, Peter said:

“ We all had a great time on the Growing Up tour last year, but sadly we couldn’t take it to as many places as we wanted to, so we decided to come back for part 2. I’m particularly looking forward to playing in some of the places I haven’t performed for many years”

Peter’s taking ‘The Growing Up Tour’ out of storage and back out on the road. The ‘STILL GROWING UP 2004 TOUR’ will come to the UK in June and will be the finale of a 23 date European tour.

The ‘Still Growing Up 2004’ Tour follows on from last year’s ‘Growing Up Tour’, which again brought together Gabriel and leading theatrical director Robert Lepage who collaborated on the ground breaking ‘Secret World Tour’ in 1993.

There will be new material and theatrics in the show. Staged in the round, fans will be able to see Gabriel suspended upside down from the stage and performing inside the now famous giant inflatable Zorb ball. With boats, balls and bicycles, it is a unique and memorable combination of sound and vision.

The new dates will showcase songs from across Peter’s career, including tracks from ‘UP’ and some of his biggest hits, which feature on his most recent double album, ‘HIT’. New material such as ‘Burn You Up, Burn You Down’ will be performed as part of the tour for the first time, along with a raft of his biggest songs, including ‘Sledgehammer’, ‘Solsbury Hill’, ‘Mercy Street’ and ‘Red Rain’. The show also features poignant renditions of songs, such as ‘Father Son’ from the ‘OVO’ album in 2000.

The new tour sees Peter team up again with guitarist David Rhodes and bass player Tony Levin, with Richard Evans on guitars, mandolin and whistle, Ged Lynch returning on drums and Rachel Z on keyboards. Daughter Melanie joins her father once again on stage on vocals.