Soundtrack LPs Released

Peter’s three soundtrack albums, BirdyPassion and Long Walk Home are released today* as half-speed remastered vinyl editions cut to lacquers at 45RPM. This is the first time that Long Walk Home has been available on vinyl.

Birdy and Long Walk Home are released across 2 x heavyweight LPs whilst Passion is on 3 x heavyweight LPs with music on five sides and a special etching on the sixth side. They all come in gatefold sleeves, are numbered, limited editions and contain hi-res download codes.

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Also available on LP is Peter’s companion album to Passion, entitled Passion Sources, which represents a selection of some of the traditional music, sources of inspiration and location recordings gathered at that time.

Here, Peter talks about the discipline of writing music for films and his on-going love for the possibilities it brings:

“I’ve always loved film music and I’ve been lucky enough create music for three very different kinds of film, that became the albums ‘Birdy’, ‘Passion’ and ‘Long Walk Home’. All the films share strong stories and memorable performances. In each case they also have musical directors in the shape of Alan Parker, Martin Scorsese and Phillip Noyce, who really care about, and feel, the music they work with. They each allowed me to create moods and atmospheres within the music that I felt could serve their narrative. 
At the age of seventeen I had the choice whether to go to the London School of Film Technique or to follow a career as a musician. It was a difficult decision for me. I always wanted to learn to direct film, so when I had an invitation from Alan Parker to join this magical world of film-making to create a score for ‘Birdy’, it was something I jumped at.
‘Birdy’ contains a mix of recycled and newly created music and was an opportunity to manipulate musical ideas in different ways, a normal for classical music, but something very different from what I’d done before. 
‘Passion’ was one of the most important records for me as it was an opportunity to create something unique. Scorsese’s brief for ‘The Last Temptation Of Christ’ was to create something that had references to that time and place but had its own timeless character and internal life. That led to lots of research, with particular help from Lucy Duran and the National Sound Archive, some location recordings and most of all provided me an amazing opportunity to work with an incredibly diverse and talented group of musicians. 
‘Long Walk Home’ was a very open canvas, as the film, ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’, didn’t have huge amounts of dialogue so it allowed for lots of room for atmosphere and gave us a chance to think about the unforgiving natural environment that the young girls experienced on their journey along the fence.
I still love all the possibilities and different disciplines involved in working for film and I’m pleased that people will have the chance to re-visit the work on these records with these vinyl re-issues.”