Society of Sound: November

2u0a1525_slowly_rolling_camera_york_tillyerThis month’s Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound release was recorded live at Kings Place, London on 5 May 2016, mixed at Real World Studios and features the sound of Slowly Rolling Camera.

Formed in Cardiff in 2013 Slowly Rolling Camera brought together four wildly talented musicians from diverse backgrounds in vocalist/lyricist Dionne Bennett, composer/keyboardist Dave Stapleton, drummer Elliot Bennett and producer/sound design artist Deri Roberts.

Praised for their heavy grooves, unleashed hooks and extremely emotional contrasts, Slowly Rolling Camera are masters at merging jazz and trip-hop in a modern, intelligent and emotional way. In November 2016 they released their second album All Things on Edition Records that looks set to build their reputation and global audience.

The recording for this month’s Society of Sound release captures the band live from Kings Place and confirms their promise as one of the most exciting live acts on the European circuit.

Read more and download here.

With thanks to all at Kings Place including Mike Green and audio engineer Dave Wells.