Society of Sound: Erland Cooper

Erland Cooper by Alex Kozobolis

The Bowers and Wilkins Society of Sound release for February is Solan Goose, the debut solo album by Erland Cooper. The album was mixed live at Real World Studios.

Having grown up on the Scottish archipelago of Orkney, the project began as a gentle response to ease an anxiety and claustrophobia of working in a large city. Exploring a balance between alternative, ambient, electronic and classical music, he set out to create a sense of balance and calm for both him and the listener, while connecting identity, memory and place through music and cinematography.

“Sometimes just silence and the soft felt hammers from the piano, after a period of loud noise from outside, were enough to write,” says Erland, “but other times, experimental layers with their unplanned harmonics were better.”

Read more & download Solan Goose from Society of Sound

Watch a live performance version of Maalie, a track from the album: