Site changes

You may have noticed a few things moving around on the site – don’t panic! We’re in the process of some long overdue housekeeping, finding the dead-ends and removing the word ‘new’ from pages mentioning ‘UP’. Shock – horror, we’ve even removed the gold and platinum teaser from the Full Moon Club sign-up. More changes are coming, and hopefully you’ll all see the benefits of the updates.

The Full Moon Club was initially a place to promote UP, but as time moves on it is now becoming the home of exclusive ‘members’ content – the stuff you have to log-in to see. Hopefully the end result will be a site that’s easier to navigate. This may help to explain why the Forums have vanished from The Full Moon Club Menu – you don’t have to be a member to read them. Tina has moved into The Full Moon Club – as she offers some pretty good prizes in her monthly competitions we felt it only fair that entrants were in the’s free after all.

best wishes