Scratch My Back updates

You may have seen that s Special Edition of Scratch My Back has now been announced. The package contains a second disc with four extra tracks :
1. ‘The Book of Love’ (Remix)
2. ‘My Body is a Cage’ (Oxford London Temple Version)
3. ‘Waterloo Sunset’ (Oxford London Temple Version)
4. ‘Heroes’ (Wildbeest Mix)

The extra tracks come on a second disc because there was a great desire to preserve the integrity of the album. A lot of work went into the running order and the finer detail such as the gaps between tracks on ‘Scratch My Back’, so it was decided to keep the extra material as a separate experience.

There is also pretty solid rumour of a vinyl version of the record in the pipeline along with the various digital versions such as an iTunes Lp’s and the possibility of accessing higher than CD quality files.

The project is still developing, with the covers of Peter’s songs by other artists beginning arriving hot from the mixing desk and a plan emerging to release them as ‘double a-sides’ through iTunes on 2010’s full moons.

Peter, Richard Chappell and John Metcalfe are busy creating extraordinary new arrangements from the PG back catalogue, and the phone is red-hot in the tour office as more dates for New Blood are finalised.

We’ll try and keep you posted.