Scratch My Back – now released in the U.S.A

The long wait is over in the U.S.A today where ‘Scratch My Back’ is released today, so it should now be available pretty much everywhere.

Given Peter’s comments, quoted in the New York Times yesterday, the later release in the U.S is in keeping with the albums ethos:

…”There’s a Slow Food movement,” he said in an interview during a New York City stopover. “I think I’m part of the Slow Music movement.”…

…”I was trying to make a grown-up record,” said Mr. Gabriel, 60. He was sipping tea and sampling a plate of berries in the lounge of the Mercer Hotel in SoHo. “This is treating people as if they can handle difficult music and words. Not that I’ve courted the lowest common denominator before, but there’s a playfulness and childishness in some of my older work that isn’t present on this record.”