Peter’s January update

Hi there everyone, It’s Peter. Welcome to the first full moon message of the year. This is for anyone who wants to check out what we are working on and up to each month.

I wanted to also say that I don’t really think that my life is that interesting to be talking about it everyday and also I don’t want my life to be a slave to a piece of technology. I do though make a commitment to directly communicate once a month which does work for me and I hope it will work for you too.

It’s an easy way to remember you only have to look up at the sky and if the moon is getting full you know that its time to check in on what we are doing.

We have been very busy music-wise recently but things are almost finished, so at the end of this month’s video you will get a taste of my ‘New Blood’ version of ‘Wallflower’.

Have a great month and hope to see you when the moon is full again.


Peter’s January update

We’ve made it past what is said to be statistically the most depressing day of the year, so despite Peter’s broken leg and the never ending rain at Real World, things are looking up with the first Full Moon Update of the year.

Peter talks about his skiing injury, developments in transport technology, plans for campaigning in Davos, his forthcoming award and musical evening at Midem, and work on music for a new Pixar film.

The video features excerpts from Maryam Mursal’s ‘Kufilaw’ which is one of the tracks to be performed at Midem.