Peter Gabriel’s Full Moon video

June’s Full Moon finds The Wrting Room a hive of activity around the ‘Scratch My Back’ project. Peter tells us that “You may be hearing it sooner than never and sooner than I normally mean when I say sooner” We also hear about a meeting of The Elders in The Atlas mountains, ideas for cooling the brain with Heath Robinson like ingenuity – does a cool head lead to quicker thinking? There’s been an productive strategy meeting for Witness in London and Peter tells us that his drive to raise funds for the organization should see another live show from him in Europe this summer or later in the autumn. We also hear news of a fantastic project to build a new arts/performance centre for the Zawose Family in Bagamoyo and Peter gets in a plug for Real World Records releases by Spiro, Dub Colossus and Dengue Fever and music from Charlie Winston on The B&W Society of Sound.