Peter at TED Talks

Peter’s recent contribution at TED Talks earlier in the year can now be viewed online. He joined a panel of three others including Neil Gershenfeld, Diana Reiss and Vint Cerf to present the idea of an ‘Interspecies internet’.

“The Interspecies Internet is being created to explore,encourage and facilitate communication between species.It will initially connect pioneering researchers in the field and their non-human subjects and help to explore and develop appropriate tools and apps.The extraordinary growth of the Internet was, in part, because choice and control were placed directly in the hands of the user. The main focus of the nets creators was to provide a good service – not to define how it could, or should, be used.These will also be the goals of the Interspecies Internet.Many of the phenomena of the net, universal communication, open access to information and education, group behaviour and social networks will have their parallels in the Interspecies Internet. Although it will clearly be used by beings of the same species for communication a special emphasis will be made on communications between species, including our own.It will also allow us and our children many insights into the nature of the other species , or sentient beings, with whom we share the planet.”Peter Gabriel