Mozambique Music

Ghorwane in The Wood Room, Real World Studios, 1991 by Pete Williams.

Real World Records will be attending the Mozambique Music Meeting in Maputo this week. It is the first Showcase Festival in Mozambique and aims to boost the dissemination and promotion of Mozambican music in particular and arts and culture in general celebrating cultural diversity through music, dance, fine arts, photography, food, and crafts.

This initiative not only aims to put Mozambique on the map of world cultural events but also to promote Mozambican music and local artists in a way that stimulates and raises the level of local musicians.

Real World and WOMAD discovered the Mozambican band Ghorwane back in the early 1990s and in 1991 they recorded at Real World’s Wood Studio. As the tragedy of the civil war in Mozambique was finally drawing to an end (peace arrived when the Frelimo Government and Renamo guerrillas reached a settlement in 1993) Ghorwane were celebrating traditional Mozambican rhythms in a fresh modern way while the themes of their songs reflected the struggle and tragedy of the lives of ordinary people.

The album the band recorded at Real World Majurugenta was released in 1993 and is full of songs noted for their political and social criticism, which had put the band at odds with the government from time to time. The injection of life they shot into the stagnant music scene, and their subsequent success, continues to inspire other bands to take the same route.

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Here is some previously unseen footage of Ghorwane performing live in the Wood Room at Real World Studios during the Real World Recording week of 1991