Mini Figures

We have a small number of Genesis-era Peter Gabriel mini-figures available in the PG Store.

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***Update: the figures have proven to be very popular.
We’re trying to organise some more stock. More news soon! ***

You can choose between Slipperman, Fox Head, Flower Mask, Magog or Bat Wings.

“I was left with the job, while they were busy tuning up their 36 strings of guitars, of filling in these enormous silences. To entertain the audience, I started telling stories. I found I could hold their attention and they wouldn’t all go to the bar. With the costumes, I started wearing bat wings and stuff, and getting a little more outlandish…”

All the mini-figures are made from genuine LEGO® pieces supplemented with custom made additional elements.

The mini-figures are created by and Peter is a fan commenting “I love this!”