Listening Wind and I Don’t Remember

Today sees the sixth of the double a-side reciprocal releases on iTunes in the ‘Scratch My Back’ and ‘I’ll Scratch Yours’ series. David Byrne has recorded a fantastic version of [b]’I Don’t Remember'[/b] in return of Peter’s version of [b]’Listening Wind'[/b].

Peter, Bob Ezrin and John Metcalfe talk about the recording of ‘Listening Wind’ in our video. Unfortunatly we didn’t manage to get David Byrne in-front of a camera, although he did send us some thoughts:

[b]Why did you choose to cover Don’t Remember?[/b]

[i]”I didn’t. Peter suggested it. I was aiming for something more obscure, or a lesser known song that I could make unrecognizable or radically rework. That song is a favorite I’m sure, so a lot of fans will be somewhat attached to the original arrangement. But I did have an angle, an approach, and I guess that intrigued Peter.”[/i]

[b]How did you approach the cover – musically, technically etc etc?[/b]

[i]”I realized that the tempo, the groove and the catchy chorus might be perfect for an uplifting clubby treatment- which would give a nice spin on the lyrics. In the original the vibe is quite dark, paranoid even….I thought the falsetto vocal and club groove would make the alienation and amnesia subject pleasant- almost desirable. I thought my version might imply a willing sublime surrender to memory loss.”[/i]

[b]Do you have any thoughts or response to Peter Gabriel’s cover of Listening Wind?[/b]

[i]”It’s lovely- it brings out the incantation in the song. What a choice at this time politically though! One could get waterboarded for singing that song in the wrong place!”[/i]

all the best