The Voice Project


instagram-activistsThe Voice Project and Represent has launched the Imprisoned for Art campaign today, where well-known artists, including Peter, have been paired with currently imprisoned artists on t-shirts.

The aim is to raise awareness and funds for advocacy efforts in support of free expression and those who have been imprisoned for using their voice to speak out. Ultimately, the campaign’s goal is to step up efforts to free dissidents who are currently imprisoned for simply having used their art and their voice to speak out.

The mug shots on the shirts are familiar faces, but the arrest and sentencing info on the police boards are for a less well-known, imprisoned artist.

Peter Gabriel is paired with author and journalist Dawit Isaak imprisoned in Eritrea

Other pairings are:
Johnny Depp with filmmaker Oleg Sentsov imprisoned in Russia
Alex Ebert with singer Trần Vũ anh Bình imprisoned in Vietnam
Tom Morello with painter and journalist Tom Dundee imprisoned in Thailand
Ana Tijoux with poet Ashraf Fayadh imprisoned in Saudi Arabia
Nadya Tolokonnikova with singer Nûdem Durak imprisoned in Turkey

“When I first started travelling around the world (for the Human Rights Now tour in 1988), I was shocked to discover in how many countries there were artists who were in jail or who had been tortured or killed for doing exactly the same thing that I do – writing and singing songs. The story of Victor Jara in Chile was a real inspiration.
We have to defend and protect those with the courage to speak out.”
Peter Gabriel

Freedom of Expression—it’s easy to take it for granted until it’s gone. We speak up for those who speak out, for those imprisoned around the globe for having raised their voice in dissent. We have to stand up for each other, no matter the distance, no matter the borders. You never know when you’ll need the same in return.

Details on the available charity t-shirts, in collaboration with Represent, can be found here