Growing Up DVD

DVD production is in the final stages here, and were it not for the fact that were not very good at blowing our own trumpets, we would be raving on about it. The DTS audio in particular is sounding fantastic, but the disc also has Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0 soundtracks.

The songs in the film from the Milan concerts are:

01 Here Comes The Flood

02 Darkness

03 Red Rain

04 Secret World

05 Sky Blue

06 Downside Up

07 The Barry Williams Show

08 More Than This

09 Mercy Street

10 Digging In The Dirt

11 Growing Up

12 Animal Nation

13 Solsbury Hill

14 Sledgehammer

15 Signal To Noise

16 In Your Eyes

17 Father Son

18 credits