George Telek Fundraiser

George Telek, the renowned musician and social campaigner from Papua New Guinea released his second album Serious Tam on Real World Records and has performed at numerous WOMAD Festivals.

Whilst in Australia last month to perform at WOMADelaide and the Commonwealth Games, George was diagnosed with a malignant and aggressive tumour on his mouth.

A fund raising campaign has been started with the aim of raising $60,000 to cover the costs of surgery, radiation therapy, reconstruction of the mouth and speech pathology costs. George will also not be able to perform for up to six months so any money remaining will go towards supporting George and his family while he is unable to earn an income.

“Very sad to hear of George’s health problems. He made a beautiful record for us with David Bridie. For any fans of his music, or anyone who would like to help, I am sure it will be very much appreciated. We are going to send something” – Peter Gabriel

He will undergo intensive surgery to remove the cancerous growth and the lymph glands in his neck which will then require a reconstruction of his mouth. Due to the nature of the cancer it will also involve radiation therapy to remove any remaining cancerous areas. Because George is not an Australian citizen, these medical procedures will be expensive. Although internationally renowned, George is still a grassroots musician who does not have the funds needed to pay for this expensive treatment.

Peter and everyone at Real World sends George our very best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.

Please visit the Fundraising page here