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Full Moon

Peter wanted us to mark this month’s full moon in some way, the lunar inspired updates have slipped slightly over the past months into more of a full venue driven timetable.

The band are currently heading for tomorrow night’s West Palm Beach – Coral Sky Amphitheatre
show and unfortunatly time has not allowed us to get Peter in front of a camera. We do however have an interesting little snippet in the Full Moon Club video collection –
an exclusive taste of Tricky‘s Growing Up remix.

Tony levin

Sorting through some of our tour images for future projects, including those of Tony Levin above, I was sidetracked into the world of
Ned Steinberger; who makes the bass Tony is holding.
www.nedsteinberger.com tells you…”he drew on his parents’ influences: his mother an artist, and his father a musical Nobel Prize winning physicist. He set up his own wood shop at 13.”
The site has some interesting audio and video clips of Tony and Laurie Anderson amongst others.

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