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Full Moon Club update

In a change from the normal pattern of Full Moon Club updates, we’re turing the tables on you this month – there’s no free audio to download, and although there is a short video message from Peter, it’s not restricted to Full Moon Club Members. We want to see if we can utilise the combined might of the lunatic community to promote our South Asia Earthquake Appeal.

I can imagine the groans as you discover we’re trying to flog you something, but although we are trying to get you and everyone you know to part with £1, we’re not keeping any of it for ourselves, and we’re being supported in the aim of getting as much of that £1 as possible to the people who need it by our credit card processors – SecureTrading, who have cut their charges on these transactions. We will still loose a little in bank and credit card charges, and if your in the UK, we’ll be charged VAT by the Taxman, but beyond those limited charges everything is going to charity. The good part is that you get to give £1 to the appeal, and you also get two amazing pieces of music….I’ll let Peter explain..

“This is a request for help. We’ve had ties with Pakistan from many years, particularly with Qawwali music and the extraordinary voice of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. His family have generously agreed to allow us to make available two tracks – one a collaboration with Massive Attack , ‘Mustt Mustt’ and one with myself ‘Taboo’, as a download to raise money. So basically you are getting two extraordinary pieces of music for the price of one! We need a lot of downloads and we need you to do a bit of marketing for us. So, if you could persuade say 10 of your friends to do the same download we can get real money to real people really fast. Please help us to help them!” Peter Gabriel

Full Moon Club update

By our calculations and the glare of the large white body hanging over the studios this evening, tonight sees that extraordinary event , a Full Moon. I realise some of you have been celebrating the Full Moon on the forums since Wednesday, and I’d like to claim we are as ever fashionably late, but the pictures below are our proof – today’s the day.

In celebration of these lunar happenings we offer you a new remix of Rhythm of The Heat by Engelspost – A link to the QuickTime audio is as you would expect to be found on the Moon Club video page.

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