Dub Colossus – Bowers & Wilkins ‘Zeppelin’

Remix Sima Edy by Dub Colossus and you could win one of two Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin iPod Speaker systems.

Dub Colossus in A Town Called Addis is An extraordinary collaboration between contemporary Ethiopian artists and Dubulah, bringing hidden gems from Addis Ababa back to England. Dub meets dreamy blues, hypnotic grooves, jazz piano and driving funk brass. Flavours of traditional Azmari singing, 70s reggae and Ethio-pop infuse one of the most alluring and soulful genres of African music.

The album recorded in Addis Ababa and Real World Studios will be available next month exclusively as a lossless download from the Bowers & Wilkins Music Club