Competition clarity.

As announced in Peter Gabriel’s Full Moon Club update today, he’s going to choose the winner of our Shock The Monkey competition from the top 12 most popular mixes on the site. The deadline for entry is September 30th.

In order to decide which are the most popular mixes on the site some new features will be coming your way very shortly.

Each member will have access to a top ten list to which they can add, remove and re-order mixes (We’re hoping to make this available tommorow) We’ll then combine all the lists with mixes getting 10 points for each number 1 and so on down to 1 point for a tenth place.

We’ll let voting run until the end of Wednesday 4th October to allow for the last entries to be heard and rated – this gives us a couple of days for listening and combining all the lists to reveal the top 12 mixes. We hope to announce the winner a month today on the Full Moon of the 7th October.