Back To Front Tour Kicks Off On Sunday

After a week of band rehearsals we are now ensconced in the Colisee Pepsi where day five of production rehearsals are in full swing.

We find ourselves cocooned in a dark, fetid, foggy atmosphere where a newly identified species of monkey has been heard calling, but it’s not Cercopithecus lomamiensis. However, just as the new species identified in Democratic Republic of Congo is already listed as “vulnerable” this new version of Monkey may come as a shock if it’s heard again as it seemed to reveal a different side of the song.

‘So’ is at the heart of the Back To Front tour and it’s been fascinating seeing the same group of musicians who brought that record to life on tour in 1987 feeling their way around each other and playing together again. Throw in a quarter of a century of technological development and a skilled crew and Back To Front should be a magical experience – we’ll have to wait till Sunday to see if the monkey revels itself again.