Asteroid Day 30 June

Friday 30 June is Asteroid Day, which is a global day of awareness and public education about asteroids.

At science and community centres, schools, museums, and universities around the world events are being held to educate a general public about the origin and composition of asteroids and how to deflect, detect and map their trajectories in our solar system to protect humankind from potential impacts and many more subjects relating to asteroids.

For the first time there is also a 24-hour live broadcast beaming out to the world from the Broadcasting Center Europe at RTL City in Luxembourg which includes live events from the studio and links into various international space agencies around the world.

The broadcast starts 30 June at 1am (BST) / 2am CEST and you can watch it here

See the full schedule of programmes, which includes a live discussion with Professor Brian Cox from 10am on 30 June.